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The 4th track written for 2011 RPM. The feel of the song started from a Hold Steady song but I decided to use the group written lyrics that were written as part of a Home Made Hit Show (www.homemadehitshow.com) effort a while back. Lyrics contributions came from Lucas, Andrew Richardson, Kerry Penley and Dave Cooper (hopefully I did not miss anyone).


I still remember the heart tearing love you gave
Wild and burning, a powerful heat wave
But the agent of change he came like a foe
Wearing the night as dark barren cloak

They said you were not coming back
They sent me a photograph

From naked trees I hear the stark call of crows (Dressed In Black)
On the shoulder of men I see the falling of snow (Dressed In Black)
They bear what remains to a deep earth hole (Dressed In Black)
There’s a sheet thrown over as they lower it below (Dressed In Black)

so when I see you dressed in black
I wonder if you're coming back
from the destiny you call your own
from the streets you travel all alone

we pass the hat
They pass the gun
deep black boots that kick the trails
of blood & death & coffin nails

like a man who was asking to murder (dressed in black)
like a man who would smile no further (dressed in black)
alone cause the dark reaper has come (dressed in black)
and stolen from me what I'd built my world on (dressed in black)

What did you expect of me,
make my exit dressed in black

When I open my eyes the truth comes like a slap (dressed in black)
the angel is dark, top to bottom, front and back (dressed in black)
it lays in the earth and pretends to be trapped (dressed in black)
but sneaks in my clothes, in my lungs, in my pack (dressed in black)
it denies me a life I can never get back (dressed in black)
now and forever I'll be dressed in black (dressed in black)

Dressed in black
Dressed in black
Dressed in black
Dressed in black


from The Loneliness of the Long Distance Strummer, track released February 5, 2011
Played, sung and produced by Tony Butterworth. Lyrics by Tony Butterworth, Lucas, Andrew Richardson, Kerry Penley and Dave Cooper



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